Everything Under One Roof

First of all, excuse me for the title of the post. I know it sounds a bit too old school and cliched. But, I think it makes sense. Read on.

When I see apps like Mailbox, Evernote, Dropbox and Flipboard, I always have second thoughts on using them. I wonder if I'd really need them. Granted, they do present the user with a stunning experience and utility but somehow I have a friction which gets me thinking if I should get them.

The classic stock Gmail App for instance. There are reasons why I'd never shift to Mailbox at least in the near future. I'm so used to seeing my mails classified as "Primary","Updates","Social" and "Promotions". And Gmail automatically does this classification for me. I do not have to separately create lists and move them into it like in the case of Mailbox. The Google Tasks is also pretty sleek and is nicely integrated with my Gmail. That said, I do not use any other ToDo apps now. Personally, not being a guy who spends too much of his time on E-mails daily, I think, the Gmail stock App for Android is awesome.

I'm pretty sure everyone who reads this would be using Evernote. Well, I don't. I feel Google, again hasn't let us down here. Google Keep sure is amazing if you ask me. And what's more awesome is that it keeps getting better. It's super light for starters and is tightly integrated with your Drive which again nullifies the need for me to use Dropbox too(Unless I'm too desperate for some cloud space, I don't use Dropbox). Note-making and making lists have never been easier with Google Keep if you ask me. Try it. You'll love it.

I uninstalled Feedly today and I don't regret it. I started using the Google Play Newsstand and guess what. Google has scored here too. I love Google Music. I love Hangouts. I love Google. Why? For a simple reason that they have Everything Under One Roof and most of them are tightly integrated with each other. I guess it's an innate feeling or need for us to have everything integrated under one main thing. I've never had the need for a Mailbox or Evernote or a Any.do. Whatever Google gives me is simple yet absolutely powerful. I'm yet to even realise the full potential of Google Calendar since I've just started using it.

Being a guy who loves to try out stuff, I've tried most of these non-Google apps and I haven't been too satisfied with them. This post isn't meant to be a Pro Google post though. I just wish to convey how much I'm comfortable with using products that share something common. That's what I like about what Facebook too. How they constantly try to integrate stuff into a single thing. That's the way things are, at the end of the day I guess!

You're most welcome to share your point of view or point out where you think I may be wrong on this. :)

May the Force be with you!